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Valley was our first Irish Wolfhound and it was her who started it all. She was calm, sweet and a very attaching happy dog. She was my birthday present, and she was the one that gave the kennel name since my husband always pretended it was his Valley. MY Valley, YOUR Valley bacame our Valley just to remember her for always. We did not expect it so early though. Valley left us on the 11th of September 2004, only 5 weeks after her friend Only You. The day before she was still running and playing with her daughter Zizanie, 24 hours later a high fever killed her.

Rest in peace Valley, you will always be in our minds and in our hearts.

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Pebbles, Tylwyth and Valley,
three generations together
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X-Files Fionnmae,
Valley's father

valley5s.jpg (4533 bytes)
Valley at 5 weeks

valleiy6.jpg (7334 bytes)
Valley at 7 months
valley14.jpg (11097 bytes)
Valley at 14 months

valley18.jpg (7235 bytes)

Valley at 18 months

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Valley at 10 month with her breeder (St. Romboutscup on 23.08.98, 2nd Best Junior Bitch) photos: GAD

Valley at 6,5, still in condition

B. Ch. Valley of Tylwyth Teg


B Ch
Valley of Tylwyth Teg

LOSH 808895
8 Oct 1997

X-Files Fionnmaë
Int NL D L DK Ch
Cùroí Jazz
Int B L NL Ch
Quincy of Kilmara
Int NL L Ch
Nasch from the Good Heath
Int B NL L Ch
Miss-Marple from the Good Heath
Geasa's Kaeliy Geasa's Tomoas
Geasa's Kelpie Brogana
Maeverik's Wallflower
Int D S N Ch
Maeverik's Zippy Zodiac
SwedishV-92 NorwegianV-93
D Ch
Ulvsholms Yorktown
Ulvsholms Oneia
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Rose von der Oelmühle
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Zero von der Oelmühle
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Creac'h Araid
B Ch
Tylwyth of Beltine
Chuck Berry v Duke's Paradijs
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Zimba von der Oelmühle
Zeno von der Oelmühle
Int D B L VDH Ch
Oelmühle Alison of Tulnaree
Declaration of Love v Duke's Paradijs
Knighthood Claudius
Barbellate Cade v Duke's Paradijs
Pebbles from the Good Heath
Akin's Just-He
Knighthood Sigmund
Bacall Banshee v d Ruempol
Nessa from the Good Heath D Ch
Oelmühle Anton
Karla from the Good Heath


Valley became Belgian Champion in 2000

Show Date Class Ranking Judge
Brussels Dog Show 23-24.05.1998 Puppy 1 Exc (Puppy Trophy) L. Gover GB
Exposition Canine Liège 18-19.07.1998 Junior 1 Exc F. Duponcheel B
St. Romboutscup Mechelen 22-23.08.1998 Junior 1 Exc R. Van Mechelen B
St. Romboutscup Mechelen 22-23.08.1998 Ring of Honour 2nd Best Junior Bitch R. Van Mechelen B
Eurodogshow Kortrijk 13-14.11.1998 Junior 2 VG S. Blackmore
Dog Show Wieze 13-14.03.1999 Open 3 VG De Tallenaere B
Brabo Antwerpen 10-11.04.1999 Open 3 Exc M. Zidar SLV
Ostende "Die Scone" 16.05.1999 Open 1 Exc CAC/BOB Modder-V. Gellicum S-Afr
Brussels Dog Show 29-30.1999 Open /Exc J. Dove IRL
Expostition Canine Int. Liège 17-18.1999 Open 3 Exc M. Heine D
St. Romboutscup Mechelen 07-08.08.1999 Open /VG F. De Ridder B
Exposition Canine Namur 29-30.08.1999 Open 4 VG N. Arini IT
Expostition Canine Luxembourg 04-05.09.1999 Open 4 G  
Nieuw-Bergen NL 10-12.09.1999 Open 2 G  
Club Match CRBL 19.09.1999 Open 4 VG E. Mach CH
Brabo Antwerpen 29-30.04.2000 Open 1 Exc CAC/CACIB/BOS R. McDowell IRL
IWCB ROTEM 01.06.2000 Open /Exc L. De Ridder B
Dog Show Mol 04.06.2000 Open /VG J. Das B
Expostition canine Int. Liège 22-23.07.2000 Open 4 Exc B. Wamberg DK
Hagellandstrofee 06.08.2000 Open VG R. Van Mechelen B
Int. Dog Show La Louvière 20.08.2000 Open 2 Exc RCAC J. Dupas F
Expostition Int. Luxembourg 02-03.09.2000 Open 3 Exc J. Travers GB
St. Romboutscup Mechelen 02-03.09.2000 Open 2 Exc RCAC/RCACIB M. Derouet F
Nieuw Bergen NL 8-10.09.2000 Open 3 Exc J. Kirk IRL
Club Match CRBL 24.09.2000 Open /Exc J. Briggs GB
Expostition Canine Int.. Charleroi /10.2000 Open 4 Exc M. Della Renaï I
Grote Prijs van Limburg 28-29.10.2000 Open 3 Exc A. Van Tongerloo B
Eurodogshow 18-19.11.2000 Open /VG H. Jordan GB
schaal der Kempen 10-11.12.2000 Open /VG J. Das B
Ostende 08.04.2001 Open 1 Exc CAC J. Gomez Toldra Es
Brabo Antwerpen 28-29.04.2001 Open 3 Exc J. Vuorinen SF
IWCB Opoeteren 05.08.2001 Open Exc J. O4Malley UK
Brussels Dog Show 8-9.12.2001 Open 4 Exc
Mouscron 26-27.01.2002 Open 2 Exc RCAC/RCACIB G. Mansencal F
Turnhout 16-17.02.2002 Open 3 Exc W. Jackson IRL
CRBL Congress show 12.05.2002 Open Exc E. Murray UK
La Louvière 06-07.07.2000 Open 1 Exc. CAC M. Kuffer LUX
Maubeuge 12-13.04.2003 Open 1 Exc M-C DelabelleB
Maubeuge 12-13.04.2003 Pair Best Pair with Zizanie
Word Dog Show Dortmund 29.05-1.06.2003 Champion VG Mrs Kelly IRL
CRBL Awans 14.09.2003 Champion 4 Exc. K. Thornton GB
Luxembourg 27-28.03.2004 Champion Exc R. Valente de Auraujo PT
Gent 22.02.2004 Veteran VG A. Gielisse NL
Saint Servais 13.06.2004 Veteran 1 Exc. Best Veteran J. Dupas F
Wandhond Festival Weiswampach 04.07.2004 Champion 1 Exc CAC J. Das B
CRBL Polleur 15.08.2004 Veteran 1 Exc BOB Veteran W. Buitenkamp NL
Luxembourg 04-05.09.2004 Champion 2 Exc RCAC T. Pehar HU